December 05, 2022

A summer clerk shares their experience

One of our summer 2022 law clerks discusses their experience with Earthrise this last summer. 

I loved my time working as a summer clerk at Earthrise. It has set a very high bar for any future job I will ever have. The atmosphere of the office was a wonderful balance between fun and serious; I loved joking around and getting to know my fellow clerks and the attorneys in the office while also getting a lot of important work done. I worked mainly with Kevin Cassidy, generally on protecting rivers in Massachusetts. It was fascinating and enjoyable work! I learned more than I could have imagined, and made (what I believe will be) a long-lasting bond with Kevin. I even had the opportunity (attending a cousin’s wedding in New Hampshire) to meet up with Kevin in Massachusetts to go on a walk in a nature reserve (on a very hot day). All in all, Earthrise is an amazing institution that I am proud to be a small part of.

Greg Allen and Kevin Cassidy at a nature reserve Greg Allen and Kevin Cassidy at a nature reserve