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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Fighting for a Veteran’s Restitution

May 03, 2010

NCVLI fights for every crime victim to be afforded full and timely restitution (financial recovery) from the convicted offender.  Fighting for restitution is always challenging, but it is particularly daunting for victims when the stolen or destroyed property has tremendous sentimental value but perhaps little or no market value.  Such items may include photos, trophies, family heirlooms, or other unique and irreplaceable items for which the market value simply cannot adequately compensate the victim for the loss.  One such victim is a veteran whose cherished memorabilia associated with his tour of duty was stolen when his home was burglarized.  This month NCVLI is working with its direct-service pro bono legal clinics to develop legal arguments to help ensure that victims like these obtain the financial restitution to which they are entitled.