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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Ensuring Timely Restitution

May 28, 2010

NCVLI fights for every crime victim to be afforded full and timely restitution (financial recovery) from the convicted offender.  Restitution can be critical to an abuse victim’s recovery when it provides compensation for costly, ongoing medical and counseling services needed to address the effects of his or her victimization.  For this reason, NCVLI is participating in an Oregon case involving a defendant who is using the sexual and emotional history of the child he sexually abused, in an attempt to avoid paying for the victim’s counseling expenses.  NCVLI will submit a brief in support of the victim’s right to restitution in this case, arguing that this right is available to all victims, regardless of their sexual history or emotional condition at the time they were victimized.  To find otherwise would reward a criminal defendant for targeting the most vulnerable members of our population.  Through its legal advocacy, NCVLI seeks to ensure that all crime victims are able to access resources and services they need to help move toward survivorship.