Madison Reynolds

Administrative Assistant

Graduating from Portland State University in 2019 with a degree in liberal studies and minors in communication and anthropology, Madison started her career as a Workers Compensation claim examiner. Her attention to detail and expertise in managing complex cases defined her work.

Passionate about fostering small business growth, Madison transitioned to the Small Business Legal Clinic (SBLC) as an Administrative Assistant. Her commitment to organization and client support quickly established her as a vital SBLC team member. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Madison’s affinity for the Pacific Northwest drew her to the region’s vibrant small business community. Her diverse educational background enables her to connect with clients and colleagues from all walks of life.

Beyond her work, Madison enjoys quality time with her Golden Retriever, playing the drums, and coastal crabbing. Her multifaceted approach to life mirrors her commitment to holistic support for SBLC and the businesses it serves. In her role as Administrative Assistant, Madison blends community enthusiasm, organizational finesse, and dedication to small business success. Committed to SBLC’s reputation for excellence, she looks forward to contributing to business growth in the region.