Duplicating Center

Location: Legal Research Center, 3rd Floor, room 329

Staff:  503-768-6619, Stefanie Pickard, Reggie Raiford, Kurt Armstrong

Staff Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:30p.m., as needed, Monday - Friday

Information for Faculty & Staff

Duplicating Center services include:

  • Assistance with walk-up photocopiers and production of materials
  • Photocopies of handouts and writings that support classwork through sales to the book store
  • Production of study materials
  • Assistance with paper, letterhead and envelopes
  • Binding of produced printed materials

Printing & Copying for Students

The photocopiers in the duplicating center of the Legal Research Center will not be used for personal copies without the express authorization of law school staff and reimbursement for work done. Students desiring personal copies should fill out a work request. The duplicating staff will do the work for you. Students are not allowed to use the duplicating room equipment without express authorization.

All institutional duplicating retains priority over personal work in the Duplicating Center, so remain flexible and your requests will be done promptly. A schedule of prices is posted in the Duplicating Center and an estimate of total charges is available before jobs are printed.

Certain materials duplicated or copied for distribution to students must be purchased by the student through the bookstore. These materials include:

1. Reprints of library holdings;
2. Reprints of magazine articles, etc.;
3. Reprints of pleadings, transcripts, etc.;
4. All materials to supplement or to be used in lieu of a textbook or casebook;
5. Other materials deemed appropriate by the faculty or administration.

Sale prices of the above items will include the actual costs of any negatives or special plates and bindings.

Note: Copy machines are available for student use in the library. These machines accept both coins and copy cards. Copy cards can be purchased at the Library front desk.