SBA Group Information

Check Requests

SBA groups have to complete a specific SBA form for travel & entertainment reimbursement or check request. The form is available on the wall outside of Business Services.

The form must be completely filled out by requester.

The form must be signed by the group treasurer.

ORIGINAL receipts, plus one copy of receipts, attached to the form must be given to the SBA Treasurer. Original receipt must show proof of payment (typically "$0 balance", "paid with credit card xxxx1234" or "paid cash $xx.xx") and itemized detail.

Requests turned in to the SBA Treasurer by noon on Wednesday will produce checks that can be picked up in the Business Services office after noon on Friday of the following week. Amounts under $50 may be eligible for cash reimbursement directly from Business Services after receiving SBA Treasurer approval.

Any deviation from the above may result in a delay in processing the check.

Fundraising & Deposits

When fund-raising, there are a few guidelines that will make the process run more smoothly:

Make sure all checks are made payable to Lewis & Clark College.

All money turned in to Business Services for deposit should be in an envelope with your name, group name, amount & account number clearly written on the outside of the envelope. The money should be placed in the overnight drop box (beneath the counter window) when no one is available to receive the money by hand.

Deposits should be made within three days of a fund-raising activity. If that is not possible, you must contact Business Services to make arrangements.

If a student group receives a donation, this must be processed through Development. Business Services can assist you in turning donations in to Development.


Business Services can print out a list of expenses incurred by each group by request for determining an account balance. **All funds that a group might raise through fund raising efforts must be spent in that academic year (by May 31st). No funds can be rolled over to the next year.

Event Planning

Events that will require contractor payment should be arranged through Business Services at least two weeks in advance. Most companies will allow payment from invoice. DO NOT PAY A CONTRACTOR, INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR or HONORARIA out of your pocket. The college will not be able to reimburse you. For some payments, we will need to obtain a Federal Form W-9 before payment can be sent. For further event questions, see the Law School Events page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Business Services office.