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Joint JD-MBA Program

A joint JD/MBA degree is now being offered through a partnership with Lewis & Clark Law School and Portland State University. Qualified students can earn both a law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School and a MBA from Portland State University on an accelerated schedule.

The joint program is open to current law students and applicants to Lewis & Clark Law School.

Who can qualify?  Current Lewis & Clark Law School students and applicants to the Law School for a JD degree.

How long does it take? Typically four years on the accelerated schedule. (The usual time would be 5 years.)

 Students in the joint program will spend two years at Lewis & Clark, one year at PSU and one year at both. PSU will accept transfer credits from Lewis & Clark Law School’s business law curriculum to fulfill required credits in the MBA core curriculum.

Will I save a year tuition/expenses? Yes; saving over $25,000 when compared to the cost of two separate degrees.

What is the academic path?

The preferred academic path for the joint JD/MBA student is to complete at least the first year of their JD coursework before taking classes in the MBA program. Students may purse admission into the MBA program concurrently with their law school application, during early spring or summer after completion of their first year of the JD program, or at any time during their second year of law school.

Admission Requirements: Lewis & Clark Law students will not be required to take the GMAT exam but will be required to show math proficiency with their application to the Graduate School of Business at PSU. Acceptance in the MBA program is contingent upon achieving a minimum GPA of 2.75 at Lewis & Clark Law School. Undergraduate requirement of 3.0 GPA. Financial aid will be administered from each school respectively. Students may only receive financial aid from one school during any academic year.


For more information or if you have questions, please contact:

Linda D’Agostino-Long|Business Law Program Coordinator

Lewis & Clark Law School

10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd., MSC 51
Portland, OR 97219

direct: (503) 768.6639 |

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