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Business Law

Business Law Courses, Curriculum Planning and Certificates

Academic offerings in business law at Lewis & Clark are robust. Students may take a large number and variety of courses. For those who wish to specialize, we offer a designated certificate in business, intellectual property, and federal tax law. Certificates are intended to recognize students for their achievements and to inform prospective employers that these students have completed a rigorous course of study in the subject area. 

Business Law Courses:

Please take a moment to consider our list of business law courses here:

Courses A-D Courses E-I Courses L-W


If you wish to pursue a focus in business, tax, or IP law, you also have the option to complete the requirements for the Certificate in Federal Tax Law, the Certificate in Business Law or the Certificate in Intellectual Property Law.  Be sure to refer to What’s What for a complete description of these certificate programs.  If you are interested in pursuing a certificate, please contact Assistant Dean Steve Goebel at

Curriculum Planning Guide:

This guide has been prepared by the business law faculty to help students make course selections in those subject areas that fall within the general category of business law.

The curriculum guide and certificate information are in PDF format. If you are unable to view them, you may download the Acrobat Reader for free.

For questions or to schedule a meeting please contact:

Assistant Dean & Director Steve Goebel
Phone:  503-768-6677


Program Coordinator Linda D’Agostino-Long
Phone:  503-768-6639

Business Law

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