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Center for Business Law and Innovation

Meet the Faculty

The members of the Lewis & Clark business law faculty are experts in their respective disciplines, respected scholars, and veteran practitioners. They are also committed to a wide variety of ventures aimed at fostering innovation in both legal practice and education.

Our faculty members assume a number of roles in serving their students and the wider legal community. Engaging lecturers and thoughtful discussion leaders, they create a stimulating classroom atmosphere. Drawing upon insights gathered from years of professional experience, they act as enthusiastic mentors committed to providing valuable career guidance. They organize substantive events on campus that expose students to new learning and networking opportunities. Many are also actively involved in Bar sections or organizations focused on one of the diverse areas within business law.

Students at Lewis & Clark invariably find the business law faculty cordial and approachable, whether seeking out a professor for career guidance or to help them understand a legal concept, working with a faculty member at one of our clinics, or participating in a moot court competition coached by faculty. Our professors pride themselves in serving not just as scholars and instructors but also as guides and allies.

Center for Business Law and Innovation

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