NCVLI Hosts Free Webinar on Victim’s Rights During COVID

The National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) is hosting a free, two-day webinar featuring a series of panel discussions with leading victims’ rights advocates on June 18-19, 2020. The webinar will cover fighting for victims’ rights during COVID and facing future challenges to victims’ rights with unique panels on each day of the event.

Doug Beloof Leaves a Lasting Impact on Crime Victims’ Rights

Doug Beloof, Professor of Law and Secretary of the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI)retired this summer. He has been a staunch and compassionate advocate of crime victims’ rights for almost 40 years, coming onto the criminal justice scene as a young prosecutor in the 1980s when crime victims’ rights were just beginning to be publicly discussed.

Appellate Ruling Supported by CVLC Research

Two Lewis & Clark law students, Sarah Fine ’18 and Kaylee Dickerboom ’19, spent the months researching and assisting in drafting arguments to inform an appellate brief filed in Arizona on behalf of a victim of crime. Their arguments prevailed and the court ruled in favor of the crime victim.

Law professor addresses restitution for victims

Meg Garvin, executive director of the National Crime Victim Law Institute, addresses restitution for child porn victims on Minnesota Public Radio.

2009 NCVLI Conference

The National Crime Victim Law Institute’s annual Crime Victim Law & Litigation Conference promotes enforcement of victims’ rights by helping attorneys and advocates develop skills to effectively assist victims in the criminal justice system.

NCVLI’s Law & Litigation Conference

National Crime Victim Law Institute’s 2009 Conference