Lawyering Program

For more than 25 years, Lewis & Clark School of Law’s Lawyering program has been on the forefront of legal analysis and writing education.  As one of the first legal writing programs in the country, our program has been a leader in teaching methods designed to engage students and prepare them for law practice.  

Both in the first year courses and in upper division advanced courses, our Lawyering program emphasizes four competencies at the core of legal education:  Professionalism, Investigation, Analytical Reasoning, and Communication. 

Each Lawyering course teaches the fundamental skills you will use daily in law practice.  Experienced professors present a thoughtful curriculum that balances legal theory and practice. Under the four competencies, you will learn how to assess and understand a legal problem, how to use research techniques and strategies to find the answer to your legal question, how to apply the law to your problem, how to organize and present cohesive analysis, and how to communicate your legal analysis effectively in writing or in oral argument.  In each of these tasks, you will learn professionalism and how to be a competent and ethical practitioner.

Our program features a rigorous curriculum, focused pedagogy, individual attention for each student, and extensive feedback. The Lawyering program will help you gain the fundamental skills you need to be practice ready.