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“Mission: Incomparable”

Lewis & Clark Alumni Find Challenges and Opportunities in Alaska

Post-Ramos: Criminal Justice Reform Clinic Seeks Post-trial Relief for Unjustly Convicted

For decades, the defense bar in the two states demanded to know how their courts could reconcile “guilt beyond a reasonable doubt” with a willingness to convict when only 83 percent of the jurors agreed the accused was guilty.

Sustainable Protein: Where Law Specialties Converge

Expertise in business law, IP law, animal law, and environmental law are all needed in this innovative space. Lewis & Clark Law School leads the way with an annual conference that brings experts together.

Clinic Updates

Our clinics are providing practical opportunities for students to represent, litigate, advocate for legislation, and be a voice for those who have limited ability to navigate the legal system

From the Dean

From the Dean

Our mission at Lewis & Clark Law School is to help our students “develop the legal knowledge, critical thinking, practical skills, and values that empower them to excel as ethical and engaged professionals in a diverse and dynamic world.”
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Major News

Welcoming New Lewis & Clark Law Faculty Fall of 2022

Lewis & Clark Law School expands its faculty roster with three new professors and a visiting professor.

2021 Grads: 93.71 Percent Employed or Pursuing Graduate Degree

At the required ABA reporting of employment in March 2022, 93.71 percent of the 2021 grads were employed or pursuing a graduate degree within 10 months of graduation.

Environmental Moot Court Team Wins National 2022 Title

Three law students aced the challenging interschool advocacy moot court competition this year.

New Degrees

Three new degrees were announced in 2021–22, offering unprecedented online and in-person access to world-class animal and environmental law programs.

Student Milestones

Class of 2022 Commencement

The first full commencement ceremony in two years took place outside at Griswold Stadium, with more than 200 graduates in attendance.

2022 Mentor/Mentee Awards

Lewis & Clark alumni have a long tradition of mentoring students. Our 1L students are paired with attorney mentors in the Oregon legal community who have shared interests and backgrounds.

PILP Auction

Virtual PILP Auction Raises $62K

Harpole Awards and Ceremony

On April 13, members of the Joyce Ann Harpole Committee gathered in person at long last to celebrate the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th annual Harpole Awards with a ceremony.

Faculty and Staff News

Copyright Catches Up

Professor Lydia Pallas Loren and Colleagues Work to Clarify Evolving Copyright Law

Reflecting on 40 Years of Teaching Law

Lewis & Clark Emerita Professor of Law of Law Susan Mandiberg spent more than four decades enriching the Lewis & Clark Law School community. We spoke to Susan, her colleagues, and her former students on the occasion of her retirement.
There are no news stories at this time. There are no news stories at this time.