About Us

The Global Law Alliance works to resolve pressing international animal and environmental concerns with a strategic approach. Legal experts partner with non-governmental organizations, governments, and international institutions to use citizen mechanisms, legislative reforms, international law and policy, and compliance and enforcement opportunities to protect wild animals and the environment. Through active participation in the work, the Global Law Alliance also provides new generations of lawyers with legal and practical training in international animal and environmental law.

The range of animals the Global Law Alliance works to protect is broad, from the world’s most-trafficked mammal, the pangolin, to iconic species such as lions and elephants, to small but equally important animals like lizards, frogs and butterflies.

The threats facing the environment are many, including climate change, pollution, industrialized farming, and direct exploitation of wildlife. With expertise in the fields of climate change, wildlife conservation, ocean law, and the impact of international trade, the Global Law Alliance addresses the world’s greatest environmental threats.

In the fall of 2020, the world-renowned Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) and the #1 ranked Environmental Law Program at Lewis & Clark Law School worked together to leverage existing programs, creating one overarching collaboration for greater impact to the international community, as well as more practical training opportunities for law students. This exciting collaboration is the Global Law Alliance for Animals and the Environment (the Global Law Alliance).

The Global Law Alliance builds upon the work of the International Environmental Law Project (IELP). IELP was founded by Professor Chris Wold in 1994 and housed the international environmental law clinic at Lewis & Clark Law School. At the time of its founding, IELP was the only campus-based, faculty-led international environmental law clinic in the nation. Professor Wold remains Of Counsel to the Global Law Alliance.

Our Mission

Global Law Alliance is a champion for wild animals and wild spaces across the globe, working to protect animals and the environment through the development, implementation, and enforcement of international law. Law students (JD and LLM) actively participate in the work through two clinics within the Alliance.

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  Clinic Courses
  We offer two clinic opportunities, the
International Animal      and Environmental Law Clinic (for JD students) and the         International Wildlife Law Clinic (for Animal Law LLM     students)