Erica Lyman


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Erica Lyman is the Director of the Global Law Alliance. She has been a Clinical Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark Law School since 2005. She teaches two clinics on international animal and environmental law through the Global Law Alliance. She previously was a staff attorney at the International Environmental Law Project (IELP) and became Director of IELP in 2019. Professor Lyman’s practice focuses on international wildlife trade, whaling, climate change, and other pressing international environmental matters. She publishes regularly in the field of international environmental law, with a focus on wildlife.



Chris Wold

Chris Wold


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IELP founder and former Director, and now Of Counsel to the Global Law Alliance, Chris Wold has been practicing international environmental law for more than 20 years. A graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School, Chris is an internationally known expert on international environmental law and has co-authored textbooks on climate change and trade and the environment. He has participated in numerous meetings of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the International Whaling Commission, and the climate change regime. Prior to starting IELP, Chris worked as a staff attorney with the Center for International Environmental Law and the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide U.S.