Crimmigration through Time, Space, and Culture

March 1-2, 2024

This conference, a collaboration between the Crimmigration Control International Scholars Network (CINETS) and Oxford-based Border Criminologies, aims to broaden the study of crimmigration to include more attention to migration-control strategies in the global south, to the impact of colonialism, and to comparison across less-studied boundaries, both practical and theoretical.

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It will facilitate a lively discussion that includes new geographies, comparative insights, new methodologies, and attention to the evolving efforts of nations to control borders and populations, along with migrants’ determination to evade those controls. 

The conference encourages cross-global and interdisciplinary comparisons. It invites new strategies for thinking about the causes and consequences of crimmigration and its role in control of marginalized groups. It seeks to deepen our collective understanding of the colonial links to contemporary migration and explore the role of crimmigration in global south-north dynamics. The conference is an opportunity to augur the futures of immigration and the criminological responses of states and regions to human movement.

In Appreciation:

The organizers express their appreciation to Lewis & Clark Law School and the University of Liverpool for their generous support of this conference. This conference would not have been possible without the efforts of the Lewis & Clark Law School staff and student volunteers, and the support of Dean Jennifer Johnson and Associate Dean of Faculty John Parry. We also thank the CINETS and Border Criminologies Board members for their encouragement and inspiration.