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June 01, 2006

Greg Touchton

International Water Management Institute, Hyderabad, India

I spent the summer working for the International Water Management Institute, in Hyderabad, India. IWMI is part of the UN consulting group on agriculture. IWMI does not normally fund interns, but has a program for PhD students to research in India and contribute to IWMI’s work. The PILP stipend allowed me take part in IWMI’s advisory capacity to the state government of Andhra Pradesh.

While in Hyderabad, I researched institutional action on drinking water in the state of Andhra Pradesh. I reviewed policy and funding documents from 1956 through 2006. In addition, I reviewed high court decisions to determine what legal arguments the courts use for water sector reform. The largest challenges to my research were navigating the Indian bureaucracy and the disorganization of government libraries.

At the end of my time in Hyderabad, I wrote a short report and presented on legal support of drinking water in Andhra. I was offered a paid research position if I wish to return during 2007. I am currently continuing the work on comparative law with intent to publish in an international law journal.