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June 01, 2006

Jessica Walz

Crag Law Center, Portland, OR

Cascade Resources Advocacy Group (CRAG)

I have been interested and involved in public interest environmental work for years and I knew that I wanted to focus on working in the public interest environmental sector while in Law School. PILP made it possible for me to be able to spend a summer interning with an environmental public interest group, the Cascade Resources Advocacy Group (CRAG).

The Cascade Resources Advocacy Group (CRAG) is a Portland based nonprofit law center. CRAG was first established in 2001, and in its first five years CRAG has provided assistance to more than fifty community and conservation organizations throughout the Northwest. During my summer with CRAG, I worked on a variety of legal and community projects; however, I spent the majority of my summer working in two specific areas, coastal land use and Measure 37.

CRAG representing both the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and local community members, filed a lawsuit challenging the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s proposed final order to lease state owned land for oyster cultivation in Netarts Bay. While working with CRAG, I helped draft the summary determination motion arguing that this particular lease of state owned land for oyster cultivation was inconsistent with the Statewide Planning Goals and the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Additionally while with CRAG, I spent time working on Measure 37 issues in the Hood River Valley. Early in my internship, I helped develop a slide presentation discussing Measure 37 and its possible impacts on the Hood River Valley. In addition, I helped develop a community resource letter to educate the public about Measure 37 and helped draft a model citizen comment letter to provide resources for the community to be involved in their local land use decisions. I also worked with Hood River community members to track measure 37 claims in their area and helped draft a complaint in regards to a Measure 37 claim in the Hood River Valley.

My work with CRAG this summer allowed me to focus full time on learning new skills to successfully advocate for environmental protection and increase community involvement in calling for sustainable co-existence. Thank you, PILP, for making this rewarding experience possible.