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Amy Van Saun

June 01, 2009

Center for Food Safety

Before entering law school, I was already becoming interested in food and agriculture issues, but once I began volunteering with NEDC and the Sustainable Agriculture committee, I realized that I am quite passionate about food production and its consequences.  How we eat affects not only our health and welfare as a society, but also has widespread environmental impacts.  It was through volunteering and learning more about these issues that I learned about the Center for Food Safety, a small nonprofit with only a few attorneys who do amazing and precedent-setting work.  CFS works on a broad range of issues related to industrial food production, and seeks to reduce the harm of industrial agriculture while supporting organic and beyond as a sustainable and healthy method of nourishing our population. 

Receiving a PILP stipend allowed me to do work that I am passionate about, which is why I came to law school.  It is always questionable for those of us eager to work in public interest jobs whether we will be able to survive financially.  Being able to volunteer, which is always rewarding, and then being able to help an amazing organization for the summer because of that work is just about the best thing I could have imagined when I decided on law school.  I am committed to continuing to serve PILP and fundraise for others to have the opportunity I did this summer.  Not only did I improve my research and writing skills in a real world setting, but I also discovered what it would be like to work for an environmental nonprofit.  I found a great office environment, supportive attorneys, and an all-around energizing experience.  It is always great to remember why I came to law school, and what I hope to achieve through a career in law, and that is what I found this summer with CFS.  A big thanks to PILP for helping so many students and organizations fight the good fight! 


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