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April 28, 2019

Admissions Question: April 28

Q: Do you have a support program for students who struggle academically?

Q: Do you have a support program for students who struggle academically?


A: Yes. The Academic Enhancement Program (AEP) has essentially two main purposes. One is to enhance and support diversity; the other is to assist students who need additional academic support in law school. Admitted students who feel they might need extra guidance during law school can apply to participate in AEP in their first year and in AEP’s Summer Institute prior to starting law school. Current students who find themselves struggling with law school material, or who are on academic probation, also can use AEP for assistance. The Assistant Dean of Diversity Initiatives and Academic Resources, J.B. Kim, helps students identify their academic needs, organizes skills building workshops and tutoring sessions, works with first year TA’s, and offers individual academic counseling.


We also strongly recommend that students speak with their professors if they do not understand the course material, or even if they have a couple of questions. Professors are generally very willing to discuss coursework with their students. Doing so earlier in the semester is best, so that there is time to give you the most help possible.


If there’s something else going on in your life that is affecting your grades, but is personal in nature, it’s a good thing to discuss that either with your professors and/or with our Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Libby Davis. It may be that something other than our academic program is more appropriate for you. In general, there are people here to help you as long as we know that you need it!