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Scholarships and Awards

Lewis & Clark Law School awards scholarship aid to a significant percentage of each year’s entering class and to current upper-division students in a variety of different awards. Over 98% of all incoming students typically receive a scholarship or grant, and all scholarships for incoming students are unconditional. Students need not maintain a certain GPA or class rank for their scholarship to renew annually. 

Retention data for merit-based awards can be found here.

Incoming first-year students receive automatic consideration for all scholarships, including the ones listed below. Students do not need to apply separately. Any incoming student receiving a scholarship will be notified at the time of admission.

Scroll down for descriptions of the awards and scholarships offered to students at Lewis & Clark Law School, as well as awards offered by organizations outside of the law school. 

Scholarships for Incoming Students 

Scholarships & Awards for Current Upper-Division Students

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are those that are awarded by an organization other than Lewis & Clark, but that may be used to help with costs incurred as a law student at Lewis & Clark. Outside scholarships that we are currently aware of are listed here:

Law Firm Scholarships: Many law firms offer small scholarships to law students. There are too many to list here, and we cannot always confirm they are legitimate. We recommend searching the web for “scholarships from law firms” to find these, as well as reading the terms of them very carefully.

Veterans Education Benefits

Those receiving Veteran Education Benefits should review our Veterans Services website then contact Caitlin Hansen, the veterans benefits coordinator for law students at 503-768-7332 or

More Resources

State Bar Associations – several states have scholarships for residents of their state that can be applied to ANY school one attends (in or out of that state). Please check with individual state bars and ask about scholarship opportunities.

Links: Applicants may search for other outside scholarships through Internet sources such as these:

Receiving Scholarships from External Sources

Please note that if you receive an outside scholarship, you should report it to the Office of Financial Aid by submitting an External Resources Form. If you notify us after receiving your financial aid package, your award may be adjusted.