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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Pro Bono Spotlight: Alix Wicks

April 27, 2012

Alix Wicks began working with NCVLI in the fall of 2011, providing pro bono assistance on a technical assistance question concerning how attorney-client privilege applies when representing a child victim or acting as the child’s guardian ad litem.  Alix previously served as an Assistant Attorney General with the Oregon Department of Justice, where she primarily represented the state in criminal appeals.  Before that she clerked at the Oregon Court of Appeals.  In both of those positions, she was conscious of the fact that victims’ concerns are often treated as secondary – or simply not considered at all – in the criminal justice process. 

Alix had this to say about her work at NCVLI:

I first learned about NCVLI when I was working at DOJ, because NCVLI sometimes provided assistance if an issue touched on victims’ rights.  After leaving that position, I was able to get more involved with NCVLI and victims’ rights. I took advantage of one of the trainings NCVLI provided for attorneys interested in doing pro bono work in order to learn more about the law and the issues.  I had little experience with victims’ rights, but the more I’ve learned the more I realize that this work is crucial.  From my past experience, I know that victims’ interests are often overlooked as cases work their way through the system, and those interests don’t always coincide as neatly  with the state’s interests as some might think they would.  It has been very rewarding to provide assistance with the two pro bono projects I’ve worked on so far, and I look forward to doing more in the future.