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National Crime Victim Law Institute

How You Can Help a Crime Victim

November 05, 2012

  • Lisa Zauner, CPA - Member of NCVLI’s Board of Directors

There are many ways your donations can help a crime victim and many creative ways you can donate!  From participating in our holiday giving campaign, to donating an item to our annual Crime Victims’ Rights Reception auction, to throwing a fundraising party with NCVLI as the designated charity, to signing onto our website any day of the year to make a donation- every penny and every effort counts and makes a huge difference for victims!  Recently one the members of our Board of Directors, Lisa Zauner, got creative and raised almost $300 for NCVLI just by wearing jeans!  Lisa’s workplace, Perkins & CO, has a “Jeans Friday” where employees can trade out business attire for jeans if they donate to an alternating designated charity.  Lisa ensured that her company designated NCVLI as a charity.  Last Friday her co-workers’ desire to be more comfortable at work paired with a commitment to giving back to the community led them to donate almost $300 for victims!  Thank you to Lisa, Perkins & CO, and all of our wonderful supporters!

If your workplace has a giving campaign, please consider designating NCVLI.  No giving campaign at your work?  Start one!  Imagine what we could do for victims if all of our supporters got creative in their fundraising efforts!