June 01, 2013

Jamie Pang

Animal Welfare Institute, Washington, DC

This past summer I had the gr~at opportunity to compile my language, policy, and legal skills to work with the Animal Welfare Institute (“AWl”) as a remote Wildlife Law and Policy Intern. In particular, my main project was the anti-shark finning campaign, where I responded to the organization’s headquarters in Washington D.C. to enforce state shark fin bans, and reach out to the communities still serving shark fin soup. In addition, I also corresponded with local wildlife agencies, wrote agency comments and Endangered Species Act listing petitions, and aided in a Beluga Whale suit, which effectively halted the importation of 18 wild-caught whales from Russia to the Georgia Aquarium. · 

Towards the end of the summer, I was given an exit interview and given excellent feedback. I also was able to make some new connections and meet some greatly inspirational people who-are paving the way for wildlife litigation. 

AWI is one of the leading animal welfare organizations working to gain more legal protections for all animals, and if it weren’t for their interns and volunteers, animal-welfare groups like AWl would not be able to do the public-interest work that the: do. I am thankful for PILP and its support of my summer internship, which helped give me the opportunity to defend the welfare of marine life throughout the nation.