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National Crime Victim Law Institute

Partnering to Protect Rights in the Courts

August 05, 2015

Just today, NCVLI filed an amicus curiae brief in the Arizona Court of Appeals fighting to protect victims’ rights!

In the face of defendant’s effort to personally cross-examine victims, a child-victim and her representative asserted rights to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect, to have the protections of the therapist-patient privilege, and to privacy in general. Wonderfully, Arizona Voice for Crime Victims (AVCV), who represents the child’s representative, filed motion papers and argued in the trial court to protect the child. Specifically, counsel objected to defendant’s pro se examination of the victim’s legal representative and his attempts to undermine the therapist-patient relationship. Unfortunately, the trial court limited the participatory role of counsel in a way that virtually ensures victim’s rights are relegated back to a place of mere platitude. That’s when AVCV reached out for amicus curiae participation as it sought appellate review. NAVRA Attorney Member Randall Udelman stepped up to be local counsel for us. We will keep you posted on case outcome!