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Law Admissions

Admissions Question: February 3

February 03, 2019

Q: I applied and am waiting for a decision on my application. When should I expect to hear from the Admissions Office?


A: Our admissions committee began reviewing applications in late November/early December and our first offer letters usually go out in late December. You should expect to get a decision depending on when your application file was completed (meaning that the admissions office has received all required materials). We try to review files in the order that they completed. If your file completed before January, then you should hear from us by the end of February. If your file was completed after the first of the year, then you should hear from us about 4-8 weeks after your application file completed.


If you have any concern about your application, or believe you should have received a decision already, please contact our office at 800-303-4860 or and we will check on the status of your application.