October 24, 2016

Chelsea Sandbloom

Multnomah County Attorney’s Office
Portland, Oregon

After receiving a PILP Stipend, I was able to spend my summer working at the Multnomah County Attorney’s Office (MCAO). I am incredibly grateful for PILP’s support because I would not have been able to work at MCAO otherwise.

            My experience at MCAO was highly beneficial to my legal education. I had the opportunity to watch MCAO attorneys argue motions in federal and state court, observe depositions and settlement conferences, and research complicated legal issues.  One of the specific benefits that MCAO offers is working on different types of law. MCAO provides representation to Multnomah County in many different capacities, including (but not limited to) healthcare, land-use, and civil rights. I wanted to work at MCAO because I was not sure what type of law I was interested in, but I knew I was interested in gaining litigation experience.

            Public service has always been an important value in my life. My summer at MCAO further cemented this. MCAO provides legal services for county elected officials, officers, and departments. This role is integral to bettering the lives of those who live or work in Multnomah County and I was proud to be a part of this process. I would highly recommend clerking at MCAO to other law students.