December 07, 2018

Our NCVLI Community

This month, we’re featuring YOU! The cause of victims’ rights brings together a diverse community of individuals, and everyone’s contributions bring us closer to the goal of justice for every crime victim. Together, we’re continuing to unlock the power of victims’ rights.

We’ve heard from attorneys, and advocates about the impact of NCVLI’s resources on victims’ rights work. “NCVLI is our primary source of reliable research and technical assistance,” wrote one attorney. “I support NCVLI because the staff produces high quality, thoughtful, survivor-centered resources that I use every day in my practice.” Over the years, we’ve honed tools based on the feedback we received.  Another supporter remarked, “Since [NAVRA’s creation] I have witnessed NCVLI’s growth, it’s inclusion of so many other legal professionals, victims and survivors in the crime victim’s rights movement.  I have received expert trainings,  technical assistance, legal referrals and other resources and support as a crime victim’s attorney.”

Students from NCVLI’s Clinic Class also weighed in: “…Looking back over the last year I’m amazed by how much I have learned from [NCVLI]” said one student. Another one recalled that “…I sincerely learned more from working on this [Clinic] assignment…than I did in a whole year.” From law students to law enforcement, you are changing lives and making our community stronger.

Because of YOU, we are able to celebrate the successes of victims. One victim wrote in to say, “I will be forever grateful for the support I received in my case. Thank you all for your excellent work in helping victims. You are my heroes!”

Thank you for a wonderful 2018.