December 02, 2019

Monthly Donor Profile: Toby Shulruff

Monthly Donor Profile: Toby Shulruff

Toby Shulruff works at the intersection of technology and sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking as a trainer, writer, project manager and consultant.  She is currently the Senior Technology Safety Specialist at the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Why did you first get interested in working with NCVLI and victims’ rights?

I had the honor of presenting at NCVLI’s annual conference in 2006, and I was impressed by the energy and dedication of the lawyers and advocates who joined together to support victims’ rights.  In my work to improve response to sexual assault, I have seen dedicated people in communities stand side-by-side with survivors and offer them all the support and resources they had available.  And yet when it came to notification, decisions about charging or plea deals, court proceedings, and post-conviction decisions, those dedicated advocates could only offer comfort to victims when their voices were left out.  NCVLI and the lawyers who stepped up to defend victims’ rights were working to change that, to ensure that victims’ voices are heard.  I was able to see the passion, legal skill, and dedication that NCVLI staff on behalf of victims.

What made you decide to become a monthly donor to NCVLI?

When I left for a full-time gig, I wanted to continue to contribute to the work of NCVLI. My family actually went through an intentional process in deciding what organizations to support with monthly donations – and NCVLI was at the top of the list.  Having seen from the inside how hard the attorneys and staff work, how they support the pro bono and low bono efforts of attorneys across the country, how they instill in law students the importance of victims’ rights and the skills to help enforce them – I know that our family’s donation is making a difference in the lives of survivors.

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