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Admissions Question: February 24

February 24, 2019

Q: What is the law school’s opinion of the use of discussions boards, blogs, forums and other applicant-driven websites for research into law schools and the admissions process?

A: We understand the wealth of free information available at our fingertips given the state of the web and current technology. We also understand applicants’ desire and drive to gather as much objective and anecdotal information about schools as they can dig up. There are many pitfalls accompanying the use of such sites however. We generally recommend applicants be careful about using the law school discussion forums and discussion boards because it is often factually incorrect or misleading and can be really toxic and paranoia-inducing, so for most people it’s not a helpful resource. Many of the people who post to these sites have very little information upon which to base their posts, or have taken a very unique circumstance upon which an entire policy or practice is assumed. We know that our applicants will continue to peruse such sites, and we urge only that you take information provided there with the very tiniest of grains of salt.