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Law Admissions

Admissions Question: April 21

April 21, 2019

Q: I am a sophomore in college. What should I major in if I want to go to law school?


A: There is no academic curriculum that is required in order to apply for or attend law school, other than completing the bachelor’s degree. While the most popular majors of law school applicants tend to be in political science, history, philosophy, psychology, and English, our students have majored in everything you can think of including math, music, geology, computer science, art and foreign languages.


The best advice we can give is to major in whatever most interests you, because if you’re interested in the subject matter, it is more likely that you will do well in school. That said, the rigor of your program is going to be a factor in the consideration of your application and how well you might do at the law school where you apply. For example, if you are majoring in engineering or a hard science, we realize those areas can be quite difficult and the admissions committee will take that into account. Regardless of what you choose to major in, we suggest that you take some classes that are academically challenging, as law school will present many such courses. You should also take some classes that develop skills in writing, reading, critical thinking, and research. Examples of such classes can be found in the areas of philosophy, history, political science, classics, and some of the sciences and liberal arts.