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Admissions Question: January 6

January 06, 2019

Q: What does Lewis & Clark Law School offer in terms of scholarships to incoming students and how can I apply for them?

A: Applying for scholarships at Lewis & Clark is easy because essentially, your application to the law school is your scholarship application. On your law school application form, make sure to check the appropriate boxes indicating your interest in being considered for scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based on the merit that one brings to the school and the amounts vary. Merit can mean many things. In this case, most of the emphasis is placed on your previous academic performance and your LSAT score. Other factors that are considered include writing ability, work or activities, diversity, and other significant accomplishments.

Applicants also have the option of submitting a scholarship statement with their application. This statement is used to provide additional information that one wishes the admissions committee to especially consider when determining scholarship awards. Typically, the statement highlights one’s merit and perhaps describes financial need. While these awards are not need-based, financial hardship may be considered during review for scholarships as long as significant merit is also there. Your FAFSA will not be reviewed for scholarship consideration.

The other scholarship we have for incoming students is for Native American law school applicants provided by the confederated tribes of the Quinault Indian Allottees Association. All self-identified Native students will receive information about this scholarship in the mail. If you have been admitted and have not heard about this, but are interested, please contact us and we will send you an application.