John Herrmann

L&C is a more collaborative and public interest-focused institution, instead of the stereotypical competitive atmosphere of other schools.

John Herrmann JD '24

Degree and Class Year

JD ’24


Aurora, Colorado

Undergraduate/Graduate School(s)

University of Portland

Areas of legal interest(s)

Criminal Law, Labor Law, Environmental Law

Brief Background

Prior to law school, I graduated from the University of Portland with a degree in history, then worked for two years in academic publishing in Boston before returning to Portland. My main legal interest is labor law in the environmental sector, but I am also interested in some criminal law and administrative law. Outside of law school, I am a huge soccer fan as well as Portland coffee shop regular!

Why did you choose to attend Lewis & Clark?

I chose L&C because I knew that I loved the city of Portland first and foremost, but I also wanted to attend one of the top environmental law programs that would put me in a great position to work in the Oregon environmental law community. I also saw how the campus culture was different from other schools—L&C is a more collaborative and public interest-focused institution, instead of the stereotypical competitive atmosphere of other schools.

What is your favorite class that you’ve taken at Lewis & Clark? Why?

Lawyering with Professor Kaplan because it was the most intensive and practicable knowledge that I’ve ever gained from a class. Not only was it an enjoyable class with a great professor, but my professional skills and writing ability grew tenfold over the course of the year!

What was the hardest thing about adjusting to law school?

The hardest part about adjusting to law school was shifting my approach to education to be more of a job than normal classes. Law school classes feel significantly different than undergraduate classes and require a level of elevated time and mental commitment to really wrap your head around, and adding in the search for practical experiences like summer clerkships, it can be a real challenge to stay on top of everything.

Tell us about a meaningful Lewis & Clark academic experience that happened outside of the classroom.

Oral arguments at Multnomah County Courthouse because it was both a great opportunity to practice real lawyering skills with a well-earned celebration at the end. Getting to present a real legal issue to local legal professionals was very daunting, but ended up being a great insight into what real legal practice looks like.

What is your top 10 list about Portland?

  1. Mount Tabor (particularly at sunset in the summer)
  2. Saint John’s Beer Porch and Food Carts in North Portland
  3. XLB on NE Williams for the best dumplings
  4. Berry picking on Sauvie’s Island in the summertime
  5. Walking the Forest Park trail up to Pittock Mansion
  6. Never Coffee on SE Belmont for the best creative lattes
  7. Tillamook Cheese Factory
  8. Pacific City beaches at the coast (with a stop at Pelican Brewing)
  9. Mount Hood Meadows for skiing
  10. Hiking Punchbowl Falls in the Gorge

Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law