Neeka Dabiri

I reached out to Professor Patrick a few weeks before starting at L&C, and she has remembered me ever since. She helped me a lot during my second year. I’ll forever be grateful for her personality, wisdom, and patience.

Neeka Dabiri JD '22

Degree and Class Year

JD ’22


Los Angeles, California

Undergraduate/Graduate School(s)


Areas of legal interest(s)

Public Service, Wills, and Trusts

Brief Background

Hi! I’m Neeka from Los Angeles, California. I went to UCLA for undergrad and studied American Literature and Culture. Before law school, I was working as a supply chain analyst and helping stock the shelves of America’s finest grocery stores! I love where I’m from: sunny, happening, and fun, so I’m headed back to LA after graduating! I worked at the LA County Public Defender’s Office this past summer, but see myself venturing toward other opportunities.

What made you decide to go to law school?

My cushy corporate job was cool, but I longed for more. I’m very happy with my decision to attend law school. I feel competent to take on anything I want to, and feel good about my knowledge of the law. Never thought I’d say this, but thank you, Lewis & Clark Law School, for kicking my butt! I will cherish the time forever.

Why did you choose to attend Lewis & Clark?

PORTLAND! I’m a big travel girl, and I constantly seek new adventures and explore new places. I only applied to three law schools: one in Los Angeles, one in New York, and Lewis & Clark. I was accepted to all three, and was struggling to decide between the NY one and L&C, but ultimately Portland’s nature and vibe struck a special chord with me. It drew me here. I love Portland, and will be back to visit plenty. ❤️

List up to three activities (school-related or not) that you are involved in. Pick the ones that are most important to you and tell us why.

Surfing the waves of Malibu, brunching at Cici’s on Ventura, and hiking the beautiful mountains of Brentwood! I love a good adventure, so these activities are really important to me. I enjoy life and appreciate giving my mental health priority over everything else, and that includes having a great deal of fun!

Tell us about a meaningful Lewis & Clark academic experience that happened outside of the classroom.

Two words: Professor Patrick. I’ve known her from before even starting my first year of law school. I reached out to her a few weeks before 1L and introduced myself. She has remembered me ever since and really helped me with a lot during my 2L year. (Pro tip 1L’s: Talk to your professors!!!!!) I’ll be grateful for her personality, wisdom, and patience forever, and intend to keep in touch!

Give us a top 10-ish list about the campus and/or Portland/Oregon.

Food: PDX Sliders, Sushi Ohana, Kachka, Gino’s Restaurant in Sellwood for the best beet ravioli ever. AND FOOD TRUCKS!!! (Check out the Hawthorne Asylum.)

Drinks: Bible Club (my favorite!), Wild Roots Distillery, Pepe Le Moko (also a lovely fave), Roadside Attraction

Fun: Cult Portland for fun trinket shopping, Moxy Hotel for games and drinks, Zig Zag Vintage for thrifting, Dig Vinyl for records, and hiking literally anywhere, including right outside your house. :D