Tanya S. Profile

Tanya Sanerib

Degree: JD ’02
Practice area(s):
  • Civil Litigation
  • Environmental Law
  • International Law
  • Public Interest Law

Ms. Sanerib currently advocates for wildlife using the Center for Biological Diversity’s unique brand of international advocacy that combines innovative domestic litigation with more traditional international policy work. Before joining the Center in 2012, she was a staff attorney with the Crag Law Center in Portland, Oregon, and a partner at the public-interest law firm Meyer Glitzenstein & Eubanks in Washington, D.C. Ms. Sanerib has extensive experience practicing in federal court focusing on environmental, animal welfare, and open government matters under numerous different laws but with an emphasis on the Endangered Species Act. She also advocates for wildlife at CITES and other international fora in an effort to stem the ongoing extinction crisis and protect species great and small for future generations. Ms. Sanerib earned her law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School and received a bachelor’s in environmental science from Colorado College.

Fighting the extinction crisis internationally, I focus on the exploitation driver of extinctions especially given the significance of the U.S. market. My Lewis and Clark education set me up well to advocate for foreign species using both domestic and international legal tools.