Tyler Lobdell Headshot

Tyler Lobdell

Degree: JD ’17
Area(s) of study:
  • Animal Law
  • Environmental Law
Type of workplace:
  • Other
Practice area(s):
  • Animal Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Public Interest Law

Tyler Lobdell is a staff attorney with the national, environmental advocacy organization, Food & Water Watch. F&WW works to protect our climate, food, and water and fights for a just and livable future. Tyler’s work focuses on factory farm pollution, corporate abuse of farmers and consumers, and empowering communities to protect their health and environment. Tyler uses litigation, regulatory advocacy, and the media to hold polluters accountable and educate the public about the harms of factory farming. During law school, Tyler served as co-editor in chief for the Animal Law Review. In addition to his day job, Tyler serves on the boards of Crate Free USA, advocating for an end to extreme confinement on factory farms, and the nonprofit law firm Legal Impact for Chickens working to make factory farm cruelty a liability. Tyler is based in Boise, Idaho, where he lives with his wife, two sons, dog, and flock of rescue chickens. 

I work to end factory farming because it is one of the most egregious ethical and societal failures of our time. It will end, and future generations will be shocked that so many otherwise good people were complacent in its destruction of the environment, exploitation of workers and rural communities, and cruelty to nonhuman animals.