Manuel Avalos Robles

I chose Lewis & Clark Law School because of the scholarships and how welcoming everyone is.

Manuel Avalos Robles JD '26

Degree and Class Year

JD ’26

Program Type

3-year JD (full time)


Vancouver, Washington

Undergraduate/Graduate School(s)

Washington State University

Brief Background:

My path to law school has been defined by the educators who have been in my life in my formative years. As a high schooler I never thought I would be in law school, as I wanted to get into the medical field. Through college I had the realization that the medical field was not for me. Thanks to my mentors from high school, I came to the decision to focus on public policy instead. It was this same mentor who encouraged me to go for it when I mentioned I might want to take the LSAT and who provided me with all of my LSAT prep materials. When I did well on the LSAT I further explored the idea of law school and slowly fell in love with the field. It has always been important to me to achieve great things as the son of immigrant parents who have given their whole life so that I can be successful. It is through the sacrifices of my parents, my mentors, and my friends who only want to see me succeed that I have made it this far. This is also what continues to drive me forward on my path through law school.

Why Lewis & Clark Law School?

Lewis & Clark became my choice for many reasons. First and foremost, my family lives in the area and it is important to me to be near them. The opportunity given to me by Lewis & Clark through scholarships was also a driving factor as I am paying for law school myself. I was the first to graduate from college and will be the first to receive a professional degree. Lewis & Clark was also very welcoming, which helped make my decision final.

How did your financial aid package influence your decision to attend Lewis & Clark?

The financial aid package was crucial for me to decide to even go to law school in general but also Lewis & Clark specifically. 

What are you post-law school goals?

I have not fully decided what kind of law I want to go into but I have enjoyed learning about employment law and appellate work.