Housing Opportunities

Portland, Oregon is often named in national rankings as one of the most livable cities in the United States. In general, housing is not hard to find in the Portland area. Most of the law students live within three miles of the school. Others choose to live in one of several quaint neighborhoods or surrounding suburbs. In this section, there are several references to help you find housing that fits your needs.

Portland Neighborhoods

Choosing which part of the city to live in can be difficult with all the options available. To help narrow down what you’re looking for and to learn more about Portland’s several unique neighborhoods, this website can prove very useful: http://www.portlandbridges. com/portland-neighborhoods.

Rental Listings — posted by the public

  • View listings (Available to 1L students only.This page is password-protected. As an admitted student, you will receive a password to this page separately)
  • Post a listing
  • Delete a listing (contact the admissions office at lawadmss@lclark.edu or 503-768-6613)

College-owned Houses

Available specifically for law students. College-owned houses are within easy walking distance to the law school and are rented by the room. For more information or to learn about the availability of rooms contact Tangent Property Management at nelson@tangentpm.com. Current tenants of college owned housing should first contact Tangent Property Management, in writing, with any questions or concerns. If Tangent is not able to answer the question or resolve the issue within a reasonable time, please contact Billy Walker, Program Director & Special Assistant to CFO & VP for Operations at Lewis & Clark College, at bwalker@lclark.edu.

Residence Halls

Nine rooms in Edna Holmes residence hall are available to law and graduate students on a space available basis. Holmes Hall all is located on the undergraduate campus and within easy walking distance to the law school. Questions should be directed to Campus Living at 503-768-7123 or living@lclark.edu. More information can be found through this link.

Rental Listing & Apartment Finder Websites:

We are not able to specifically recommend or endorse any of these websites or companies - they are listed simply as resources. We would appreciate feedback, particularly if you have difficulties.

If you use an apartment finder service, it is best to contact one after you arrive or just before. Services will mail or fax you names of landlords, addresses, and descriptions of the housing units, and the prices. These services typically handle large commercially owned and operated complexes and some private rentals.

You can also go to the websites of property management companies in Portland (such as www.mainlander.com or www.inter-west.com, www.capmng.com, or rent.apmportland.com to see what availabilities they have.

For pet-friendly housing, you may also want to check out Portland Rental Service and the Oregon Humane Society which has a list of pet-friendly housing rentals in the area.

If renters insurance is something you are interested in, previous students have recommended and used the guide found here to compare quotes and better understand what they are purchasing.


This is not a rental service to those who choose to post rental availabilities. Lewis & Clark is not responsible for making sure posters fill their rentals.

Renters should also be informed of their rights. Learn more about Oregon Tenant Rights before signing a lease or entering into a new rental situation.