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Tuition & Financial Aid

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Lewis & Clark Law School recognizes that legal education is an important lifetime investment for each student. Beyond rigorous practical and intellectual training, the law school prepares students for long-term personal and professional rewards. Thus, we are committed to ensuring access for all highly qualified candidates and to helping them obtain resources for financing a legal education.

Between 2015 and 2020, 98-100% of incoming first-year students received unconditional merit-based scholarships.

A variety of financial assistance is available for study at Lewis & Clark Law School, including scholarships and awards, loans, clerkships and work-study. We estimate that more than $13 million in aid, including scholarships, loans, and work-study (for upper-division students), is available annually to Lewis & Clark law students.  Since some scholarships and types of loans are limited, students should apply as early as possible for full consideration. 

For an overview of financial aid sources, costs associated with law school, and an example of what a financial aid package looks like, view our financial aid information sheet for the upcoming academic year. Also, you can read our Financing Your Education guide for a detailed overview of financial and scholarships at Lewis & Clark.

Applying for Financial Aid

All eligible students should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) anytime after October 1 of the year before you intend to start law school. Having a FAFSA on file ensures eligible students access to low interest federal loans and the federal work-study program. Loan amounts are determined by the Office of Financial Aid using the information you provide in the FAFSA form.

Although no financial aid award will be made until after you are admitted, we strongly recommend filing a FAFSA at the same time you apply for admission.  

Lewis & Clark’s FAFSA code is 003197

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for awards provided through the FAFSA.  

Merit-Based Scholarships: Eligibility and Consideration

All applicants are eligible for Lewis & Clark merit scholarships, including international and undocumented individuals. Simply check that you would like to be considered for merit-based scholarships when you fill out your application to the law school. Students are considered at the same time as they are considered for admission and on the basis of extremely strong potential for success in law school. For more information, please see the Scholarships and Awards page.

With the idea in mind that law school is an investment, consider carefully how your legal education will be financed and what your needs really are while in law school. Having the option to switch back and forth between the full-time and part-time programs can allow a student to work and gain legal experience while cutting down on the amount of money to be borrowed. It is also possible to live more simply while in law school in order to keep borrowing to a minimum. We are glad to discuss these issues with you as you make your decision about attending law school.

Financial Aid Office
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