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International Law

Study Law in China

January 28, 2011

Experience the study of Chinese law on-campus at Peking University (Beida) in Beijing. As the People’s Republic of China emerges from decades of isolation, the faculty and students of this premiere educational institution are leading participants in the new era of “openness.” In many instances the Chinese are writing on a new slate, without the baggage of years of common law development. This program offers an unequaled opportunity to observe, from the inside, how China is restructuring its legal, economic and social systems at the dawn of the 21st century.

Law students have the opportunity to study law in China under the auspices of the Summer China Program. During the three-week program, students learn Chinese law directly from Chinese law professors, and have many opportunities to explore cultural treasures, view architectural marvels, and enjoy the natural beauty of China.

For more information or to APPLY please visit UMKC’s  Summer Law School in China.

Students may also be able to combine the UMKC study program with a Lewis & Clark externship placement in China.  For more information, contact Associate Dean Libby Davis.