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Anders Byrnes

Degree: JD ’20
Area(s) of study:
  • General
Type of workplace:
  • Solo practitioner
Practice area(s):
  • Family Law
  • Trusts and Estates Law
Location: Portland, OR

What are you up to these days?

Currently, I am a solo practitioner and I work remotely from home. I practice estate planning and family law. 

How did you get your job?

When I graduated from law school in 2020, the job market was not spectacular and I could have gone to firm-route, but what I wanted was the ability to choose my schedule and the ability to choose my clients. I also just wanted the space to do my own thing. Oddly enough, I was able to re-connect with my former LSAT tutor, who was also a solo practitioner. He saw my work and liked what he saw, so he asked me to join him after graduation. It’s been great having him as my business partner and mentor – someone I could bounce ideas off of. We were about to look for office space together when the pandemic hit, but now we both just work from home serving our clients remotely. 

What advice would you give to a graduating student who's looking for a job?

If you are feeling burned out as a student right now, my advice is to just take a step back and distance yourself from all the stress. Take a moment. Take a breath. Touch some grass. Find something relaxing to do. Not every minute needs to be useful. You’ll find that you recharge after doing something useless. Evaluate what your body needs – do you need a week of sleep? Do you need to eat? Drink water? Listen to your body.

If you are burned out from looking for a job, consider being a pro bono attorney for one of our clinics. You won’t need your own LLC and you will get great legal experience as well as real experience talking to a client. This will show your potential employers that you want to work.