Phil Schiliro

Degree: JD ’81
Type of workplace:
  • Government
  • Nonprofit
Practice area(s):
  • Environmental Law
  • Government Practice
  • Public Interest Law

Phil Schiliro ’81, joined Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as director of the Washington, D.C., office. Following the election, he served as director of the Congressional Liaison Office for President Obama’s transition team before being named as an assistant to the president and director of legislative affairs for the White House. In 2011, Schiliro moved from the Office of Legislative Affairs to a new position as a special advisor to the president, where he served through Fall of 2011. In 2014, he served a short period of time as the President’s Health Care Advisor. Currently, he is advising Grow New Mexico, a community development organization, and is Managing Director of Schiliro Barnett, a consulting business that focuses on nonprofit organizations.