Ananya Raghavan

L&C has the best programs for both animal and environmental law, as well as amazing clinics, extremely well-reputed and kind professors, and a welcoming student body.

Ananya Raghavan JD '25

Degree and Class Year

JD ’25

Program Type

3-year JD (full time)


Cerritos, California

Undergraduate/Graduate School(s)

University of California at Berkeley

Areas of legal interest(s)

Animal, Environmental, and Environmental Justice

Brief Background:

I came to law school straight from graduating from University of California at Berkeley in May! I majored in environmental studies and data science with a minor in public policy. At Berkeley, I was very involved in the environmental community: I ran a sustainability-oriented consulting club that worked on projects to help companies, government agencies, and nonprofits reach sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental goals; I served on the city’s Parks and Waterfront Commission; I worked on a project on elephant conservation in India; and more. In my free time, I love to read (for fun, not just my textbooks), sing and play guitar, and spend time outdoors—there’s so much to explore in Oregon!

What made you decide to go to law school?

I decided to go to law school because I have always been interested in working on environmental issues, environmental justice and social justice causes, and animal welfare. I often saw that law and policy needed the most improvement and enforcement because it could help affect so much positive change and make institutional changes to massive, far-reaching, and systemic issues. I think the intersection of all these issues needs to be considered and prioritized when policy is put into place, as well as in the enforcement and litigation surrounding these issues. These issues cannot be separated from each other, such as deforestation and loss of wildlife in the Amazon for factory farming, Indigenous people’s rights to the land, and animal welfare in these very factory farms. Every environmental and social issue has so many intersections with other areas, and it is critical to this work to understand their intersections. It’s so valuable to have the opportunity to learn from people working in and affecting positive change in these fields, and law school has been a great forum for engaging in discussion and learning how to approach these pressing areas.

Why did you choose to attend Lewis & Clark?

I chose to attend Lewis & Clark because I want to pursue environmental and animal law, and L&C has one of the best programs for both, as well as amazing clinics, extremely well-reputed and kind professors, and a welcoming student body. Lewis & Clark also has a beautiful campus, and when I visited, I could truly see myself enjoying and feeling at home in law school here. This is my first time living outside of California, and it has been wonderful so far!

What is your favorite class that you’ve taken at Lewis & Clark and why?

I’ve only been in law school for half a semester now, but my favorite classes so far are Civil Procedure with Professor Klonoff and Contracts with Professor Steverson. I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging the material is, and I learn so much every day. I see how applicable everything we discuss is to the work I want to pursue, and it’s great to have such accessible professors who put so much time and effort into teaching and engaging with students. These classes are so foundational to legal education, and it has been such a great experience so far. I appreciate the class discussions and the ability to hear my classmates’ thoughts, as well as my professor’s insights, so much!

What is your top ten-ish list about Portland and/or Oregon?

    1. Willamette River
    2. Sellwood Waterfront Park
    3. Multnomah Falls
    4. Cannon Beach
    5. Tryon Creek State Park (it’s so nice to take a break from studying on campus and go for a walk/hike!)
    6. Powell’s Bookstore
    7. Frank’s Noodle House
    8. Apna Chat Bhavan
    9. Dang’s Thai Kitchen
    10. Hawthorne Asylum Food Trucks

Tell us about a meaningful Lewis & Clark academic experience that happened outside of the classroom.

A very meaningful experience for me has been participating in the BIPOC Legal Mentorship Program started by alumna Chloe Williams JD ’22. It has been so inspiring and grounding to have a community of people of color that are either in law school now or have graduated and are working in the field, especially being in an area without as much diversity as there is back home. Law school is challenging, and having a support network and being able to hear from people who have gone through the experience and can offer support is invaluable.

What was the hardest thing about adjusting to law school?

One of the most challenging parts about adjusting to law school for me has been figuring out how to study and adapt to the pace and rigor of the learning environment, while ensuring I take time for myself and my passions outside of school. It is a continuous learning process to figure out how to best use my time. I think it is very important to figure out what works best for each individual so law school can be an enriching experience.

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