Dan Mensher

Dan Mensher

Degree: JD ’07

I work to hold corporations responsible for messes they make in our environment and the damage they cause to our communities and natural resources. For example, I had the privilege of representing the State of Oregon in its precedent-setting case against Monsanto related to the damage its PCBs have caused in Oregon.”

Dan practices in Keller Rohrback’s nationally-recognized Complex Litigation Group with a focus on environmental cases and representing government entities in important litigation. He collaborates with his colleagues and clients to identify problems and craft creative, long-lasting solutions.

Dan has litigated important environmental and consumer cases across the country in federal and state court. He presently represents the State of Oregon in its case against Monsanto seeking to hold the corporate giant responsible for natural resource damages related to its sale and marketing of PCBs. He is also part of the Keller Rohrback team representing more than 70 counties, cities, and tribes in the fight to hold drug manufacturers and other entities accountable for the opioid crisis.

Before joining the firm, Dan was an environmental law professor at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, where he also litigated cases involving toxic waste, water pollution, and natural resource management. He has sat on governmental advisory boards and helped to draft key environmental regulations in place today. Dan uses his passion and experience to protect our environment and the people and communities that rely on clean air, water, and products.