Rex Malott '73 L'76 & Cedric

Rex Mallot

Degree: BS ’73, JD ’76

Until retiring in 2017, Rex served as Director of the Corporate Investments Group of Bank of America with trading and investment responsibility for the firm’s mortgage and derivative portfolio. Prior to BAC, he held senior positions at Countrywide in its capital markets division. He practiced law in Oregon until 1983 and then began his financial career at American Savings (then the largest S&L) where he ran the legal/real estate group. Rex had significant private sector roles in the economic recovery from the two greatest financial shocks of the post-war era: the S&L meltdown of the 1980’s and the Great Recession of the late 2000’s. He and his wife Celeste now split their time between California and a couple of islands on which they raise timber in British Columbia. Two children, three granddaughters, boats and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers keep them on their toes.