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Question of the Week

We know that you have a lot of questions about applying to law school. We came up with our “Question of the Week” so that we can answer questions you might have at the time you have them. Please check back on a weekly basis to find answers to commonly asked questions!

  • Q: Outside of a strong GPA and LSAT score, what does Lewis & Clark look for in its applicants?


    A: While an ideal applicant will have a strong GPA and LSAT score, you are right in understanding that there are many other things that we look for in our applicants. We are trying to bring in an intelligent, interesting, and diverse class overall. Thus, we are not going to want all of our applicants to have the same experiences, backgrounds, or interests.


    With that caveat, the most competitive applicant will also have strong writing, reasoning and analytical skills, be actively involved in organizations or pursuits that show a strong interest in learning and/or service, demonstrate a mature and ethical character, and have a well thought-out reason for going to law school. Some applicants will also bring a diverse perspective because of their socio-economic, cultural, ethnic or educational backgrounds, or because of their unique life experiences. Others will have exceptional work experience.


    An applicant should make sure to demonstrate these things through the personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation, supplemental statements (when applicable), and the optional interview. It is important to note that these factors in and of themselves will not get someone into law school, but it is the combination of them that make one most competitive.

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