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Question of the Week

We know that you have a lot of questions about applying to law school. We came up with our “Question of the Week” so that we can answer questions you might have at the time you have them. Please check back on a weekly basis to find answers to commonly asked questions!

  • Q: What is the minimum LSAT/GPA that Lewis & Clark Law School requires for applicants?

    A: L&C does not have a minimum LSAT/GPA nor is there a statistical cut-off to our admissions process. Every single application is considered for admission during the application cycle. While LSAT and GPA are considered fairly heavily in the admissions process, the entire file is also considered (the personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation, undergraduate coursework, etc.) so test scores and grades are not the only components considered. When you apply, you should talk about your background and anything that highlights your diversity as an applicant or conditions that may have adversely affected your past performance. You can include such discussion in your personal statement or include a supplemental statement if you wish to talk about that separately. Finally, you can also participate in our optional interview program either in-person, via Skype, or over the phone.

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