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Question of the Week

We know that you have a lot of questions about applying to law school. We came up with our “Question of the Week” so that we can answer questions you might have at the time you have them. Please check back on a weekly basis to find answers to commonly asked questions!

  • Q: Does Lewis & Clark provide any family support services for students with children?


    A: There are many students at Lewis & Clark Law School with families; some are even starting or growing their families while enrolled in law school. While we do not have any formal day care programs at the school, there are daycare centers and schools in the area surrounding the college that students, faculty and staff use for their own needs and can recommend to others.


    The community at the law school is very welcoming and understanding of the needs of students who are also parents. If you have any family concerns or issues that arise while you are a student at Lewis & Clark, we encourage you to discuss them with Libby Davis, Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Dean Davis will refer you to various resources and will discuss potential options with you.


    During Orientation, our Law School Partners Program will invite the spouses and partners of incoming law students to attend a session so that they can get to know one another and to learn more about what to expect while their significant other is in school. This is a great opportunity to meet and develop a support network with others who also have families or significant others while in law school. The Orientation Directors also arrange for childcare for students and their family on campus for Orientation Day. In addition, we also have a Children’s Ceremony at commencement, where your child(ren) can also walk across the stage and earn a “diploma.”

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