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Question of the Week

We know that you have a lot of questions about applying to law school. We came up with our “Question of the Week” so that we can answer questions you might have at the time you have them. Please check back on a weekly basis to find answers to commonly asked questions!

  • Q: I just took the November LSAT and don’t think I did very well.  Should I cancel my score and retake it again in January?

    A: This is a question we get every year at this time. While you have a couple of options, the answer will be entirely up to you.

    Option 1: Wait to see what score you received on the test and then decide if you want to retake it. Multiple scores will be viewed by the admissions committee, but the emphasis will be placed on the highest score received.

    Option 2: Cancel your score and sign up for the January exam. Canceling your score means that you will never know what you received on the exam. You may want to consider this option if you were sick the day of the exam, could not concentrate because of something going on in your personal life, you froze and left large sections of questions unanswered.

    As mentioned in a previously asked question (October 29), taking a February exam can put you at some disadvantage.

    If you do decide to retake the test, make sure to sign up right away as spaces can fill up quickly. Continue to study for the exam so that you do not lose your momentum. If you think you didn’t do well because you didn’t prepare or weren’t happy even with your practice exams, consider taking a different approach to studying for the LSAT. Finally, notify the schools you applied to that you will be taking the February test so that a decision on your file is not made prior to receipt of your new score.

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