Question of the Week

We know that you have a lot of questions about applying to law school. We came up with our “Question of the Week” so that we can answer questions you might have at the time you have them. Please check back on a weekly basis to find answers to commonly asked questions!

  • Q: How does the Admission Committee view a canceled LSAT score? Must the score be explained?

    A: One canceled score will not need to be explained and will not affect a decision on your file. The Admissions Committee understands that a person could have a really bad day and know that the score is not going to be a good one. In that case, it would be better to cancel the score and retake the exam when you feel better about doing so.

    That said, it would not hurt to explain multiple canceled scores. If one takes the LSAT and cancels more than a couple of times, it could be interpreted in several ways - mostly negative. In that case, letting the Committee know what happened would be in your best interest.


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