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  • Q: How does Lewis & Clark feel about the evaluation service offered through the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) for recommenders in lieu of sending letters from the same recommenders?
  • Q: Does the Admissions committee prefer letters of recommendation to be sent directly to law schools or to LSAC?
  • Q: Will L&C be following the recommendation from the ABA (American Bar Association) that when an applicant has more than one LSAT score, it is the highest score, rather than the average, which should be given the most consideration?
  • Q: How does the Admission Committee view a canceled LSAT score? Must the score be explained?
  • Q: What is the minimum LSAT/GPA that Lewis & Clark Law School requires for applicants?
  • Q:  Does L&C offer application fee waivers?
  • Q: When can I apply to Lewis & Clark Law School?
  • Q: I notice that law schools specialize in various areas of the law.  Do I have to pick a specialty when I apply to law school or do I have to do that once I’m in school?
  • Q: I am interested in the option of work-study while attending law school - is that available?
  • Q: I am thinking of applying for next fall, but then want to defer my admission to the next year.  What advice would you give about doing this?
  • Q. Do you require that students have laptops and if so, does the school have a specific kind that students must use?
  • Q: I have a graduate degree. How will the admissions committee consider that when making a decision on my application?
  • Q: Can you tell me why Lewis & Clark Law School is better than _____ Law School?
  • Q: I’m really nervous about taking the LSAT. What should I do to prepare?
  • Q: How does the financial aid process work for incoming first years?
  • Q: I’m curious to know what type of writing and how much writing I’ll be doing in law school.
  • Q: What is the social life like at Lewis & Clark Law School?  Are there student activities I can get involved in?
  • Q: I am considering applying to your part-time program because I would like to keep working while getting my law degree. I am also married with two children. How doable is taking on law school while also working and having a family?
  • Q: Does Lewis & Clark provide any family support services for students with children?
  • Q: I struggled for the first few years of part-time college that I enrolled in.  Since then I have re-dedicated myself to my education.  Would an excellent upper division GPA help my chances for acceptance, when coupled with a good LSAT score?

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