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  • Q: I have a graduate degree. How will the admissions committee consider that when making a decision on my application?
  • Q: Can you tell me why Lewis & Clark Law School is better than _____ Law School?
  • Q: I’m really nervous about taking the LSAT. What should I do to prepare?
  • Q: How does the financial aid process work for incoming first years?
  • Q: I’m curious to know what type of writing and how much writing I’ll be doing in law school.
  • Q: What is the social life like at Lewis & Clark Law School?  Are there student activities I can get involved in?
  • Q: I am considering applying to your part-time program because I would like to keep working while getting my law degree. I am also married with two children. How doable is taking on law school while also working and having a family?
  • Q: Does Lewis & Clark provide any family support services for students with children?
  • Q: I struggled for the first few years of part-time college that I enrolled in.  Since then I have re-dedicated myself to my education.  Would an excellent upper division GPA help my chances for acceptance, when coupled with a good LSAT score?