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Law School Alumni Relations

Attendee List

  • (Strange) Taylor, Kalei

  • Caron, Gideon

    Looking forward to it.
  • DeLucia, Tamara

  • Doherty, Brian

    I am hopeful I can make it and look forward to reuniting with OLD classmates.
  • Flora, Courtney

  • Huber, Audie

  • Hydes, Dylan

  • Jetmalani, Vishnu

  • Kahn, Steven

    Class of '88, Time to Represent Or at least get some free CLE credit
  • Kelly Moore, Kathleen

    Will be attending with husband Lee Moore
  • Larsen, Sarah

  • Lehman, Ann

    Law School
  • Lieben, Ivan

  • Lowry, Steve

  • Manley Bailey, Diana

    Looking forward to seeing everyone! Wow! 20 years went by fast!
  • Marler, Matt

    Looking forward to it!
  • Marr, Charles

  • McShane, Michael

  • Munns, Elizabeth

  • Munns, Jeff

  • Neal-Richardson, Rebecca

  • Paradis, Alethea

    My classmates at L & C are people I admire so very much. It will be truly wonderful to see so many of you again after all these years!
  • Petersen, Sarah

  • Phadke, Ajit

  • Richardson, Carrie

  • Safriet, Barbara

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend and see many students I taught while at L&C from 1976-1988. I will be on the east coast giving a health law presentation. Sorry, and hugs to all. Barbara
  • Sayles, Jay

  • Schilling, John

    Looking forward to seeing at least some of my Delta House classmates!
  • Selby, Patricia

  • Snyder, Kent