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Attendee List


  • Acuario, Joel

    I live in LA so not sure if I can attend, but I'll try. Go L&C!
  • Asai, Jessica

  • Bagheri, Sara

  • Bender, Brett

  • Benson, Marvin

  • Bishop, Jacqui

  • Boles, Enid

  • Callahan, Bob

  • Craig, Cristy

  • English-Huse, Marian

  • Flowers, Shannon

  • Janik, Ula

  • Kent, Wendy

  • Kirkland, Catherine

    Sign me up for all of the events and I plan to bring a guest: James F. Hare, Ph. D. Looking forward to it! I'd like to serve on the organizing committee and host committee meetings in my home near campus.
  • Kong, Connie

  • Litwak, Jeff

  • O'Hanlon, Timothy

  • O'Neil, Katherine

  • Paulson, Tomala

  • Rutledge, Kasia

  • Tauman, Chuck

    I'm coming and so is Nancy Tauman '78 but we're just getting home from 3 weeks in Europe so may be a little jet-lagged.
  • Weisberg, Randy

    Will definitely be at the Saturday event.
  • Wobbrock, Larry

  • Wolf, Richard

    I'll attend the Friday night happy hour, but not sure about Saturday night, as we have both grandkids while their Mom is out of town on business.