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Attendee List

  • Begay, Malcolm

  • D'Angelis, Micheline

  • Ewing, Sarah

  • Jacobson, Taylor

    Would love it if some of the local grads were planning something for Saturday! I am on the East Coast.
  • Kamins, Jake

  • Kerner, Michael

  • Paetsch, Erich

  • Perry, Jennifer

    So excited to see everyone!
  • Richmond, Natasha

    I technically graduated 2010 but I started at the same time as the Class of 2009 so I'd like to go if I can.
  • sampath, mark

  • Shapiro, Joel

  • Shinkawa, Paul

  • Sideras, Nancy

  • Wexler, Amie

  • Wise, Percy

  • Yamachika, Carlin