Torts I

Fall 2021

Professor H. Tomas Gomez-Arostegui

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Torts Syllabus Fall 2021

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Dobbs, Hayden & Bublick, Torts and Compensation: Personal Accountability and Social Responsibility for Injury (8th ed. 2017).

Note: Make sure to purchase the standard edition; do not purchase the “Concise Edition” as they are not interchangeable. Also, do not purchase the 7th edition. 

Supplemental Reading

Restatement on False Imprisonment and Trespass to Chattels

Class Handouts

Class 1 Handout PDF DOC Introduction

Class 2 Handout PDF DOC Battery

Class 3 Handout #1 PDF DOC Intentional Torts—Hypotheticals
Class 3 Handout #2 PDF DOC Intentional Torts—Trespass to Land

Class 4 Handout PDF DOC Self Defense
Class 4 Handout PDF DOC Affirmative Defenses

Class 5 Handout PDF DOC Start of a Negligence Outline
Class 5 Handout PDF DOC Negligence Prima Facie Case

Class 6 Handout PDF DOC Negligence Per Se

Class 8 Handout #1 PDF DOC Proving Breach
Class 8 Handout #2 PDF only

Class 9 Handout PDF DOC Res Ipsa Loquitur

Class 10 Handout PDF DOC Cause in Fact

Class 12 Handout PDF Negligence Review Hypo

Class 14 Handout PDF DOC Assumption of Risk

Class 15 Handout PDF DOC Statute of Limitations

Class 16 Handout PDF DOC Premises Liability—Land Possessors

Class 17 Handout PDF DOC Premises Liability—Lessors + Nonfeasance

Class 18 Handout PDF DOC No Duty to Protect from 3d Persons

Class 19 Handout PDF DOC Informed Consent

Class 20 Handout PDF DOC Emotional Distress

Class 21 Handout PDF DOC Prenatal Harms

Class 22 Handout PDF DOC Strict Liability

Class 23 Handout PDF DOC Defamation

Class 24 Handout PDF DOC Vicarious Liability