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Troy Sexton

November 19, 2010

  • Troy Sexton

Graduating Year: Spring 2011
: Sherwood, Oregon
Undergraduate & Previous Work Experience
: Graduated from Portland State in 2007 with a BA in Philosophy and Political Science. 8 years of small business management work before starting law school
Area of Interest
: Small business transactional and litigation
: Small Business Legal Clinic, Motschenbacher & Blattner LLP, Babener & Associates.
Extracurricular Activities
: Member of Environmental Law
Just for Fun
: I race bikes competitively, both road and cyclocross.
Favorite Places in Portland
: Montage, Hoyt Arboretum, Leif Erikson Road, and the Mexican food cart at 3rd and Oak.

1. Why did you decide to go to Law School?

I went to law school because I experienced the legal issues faced by small businesses and was frustrated by how complicated and expensive it was to work though them. I’ve really come to love the intellectual combat that litigation can represent, so I’m torn between the two tracks right now- transactional and litigation.

2. Why did you pick Lewis & Clark?

I picked Lewis & Clark because I want to practice in Portland. Being here makes networking and interacting with the local bar easy and fruitful. L&C is by far the best school in the state, and people in the community recognize that.

3. What do you like about Lewis & Clark?

I like the professional and adult way the school treats the students. We’re all equals on campus, there is no great divide between professors and students. I love the amount of respect shown to us. For example finals that are unscheduled- pick them up, do them, and return them. Its up to us to follow the rules.

4. Why are you studying Business Law?

I have experience in small business, so Business Law is a natural extension for me.

5. What has been your law school experience so far?

It’s been entirely positive. There are a wide variety of classes to take, but careful planning is essential because certain classes are only offered every other year, and if you find a class you love in your third year, you’re out of luck to take others in the area. I really love Tax, but because I put it off until my 3rd year, my options for additional tax courses are limited. Also, the first year mentor program has opened up two school term clerkships for me.

6. What has been your favorite experience so far?

My first year, we had a class changed one week to be an extra-long double class because the professor had to be out of town on the regular class day. We all went out to a bar after class, and the professor showed up and bought us all pitchers to make up for it.

7. What advice do you have for new students?

Live close to campus and get a bike. Driving to campus is expensive and inconvenient. There are lots of inexpensive apartments in Southwest that are way more convenient than the other side of the river, you just have to look around a bit more. Also, if you nap in the library, always have a buddy make sure you are awake in time for class. That saved me on more than one occasion.

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