Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

APALSA provides its members with personal, academic, and professional support to aid in the development of its law students. We work with attorneys in the Portland area to provide networking and professional development opportunities for APALSA members. We also hold several events throughout the school year to build a sense of community within APALSA and the rest of the student body. 


2023 - 2024 Board

Jennifer Melikian

President: Jennifer Melikian, 3L (she/her)

Jennifer is the proud president of APALSA and is interested in public interest law, she would love to work in Legal Aid in the future! When she isn’t studying you can find her cooking, travelling, or painting!

Vice President of External Affairs: Sun Kim, 3L (she/her)

Talk about a ray of Sun(shine)! Sun’s passion for counseling folks in times of need has led to her interest in family law. Of course she needs some time to relax, so she turns to yoga. To deepen her practice, she became a 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher before coming to law school!
Brian Aguilar

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Brian Aguilar, 2L (he/him)

Brian isn’t too hard to find… just look for the best dressed and friendliest guy on campus! Brian is interested in business law, as well as indigenous rights. If you can’t find him around campus you may be able to find him watercolor painting or outrigger paddling!
Emilie Washer

Secretary: Emilie Washer, 2L (she/her)

Emilie is an ambitious 2L, interested in environmental law. Particularly, she is passionate about conservation and clean and sustainable energy. In her free time she can be found weightlifting, baking, binging movies, or just basking in the great outdoors.


Treasurer: Innie Jang, 3L (she/her)

Our treasured treasurer: Innie Jang! When Innie isn’t managing our budget she can be found by following the tunes from her ukulele. Plus she sings! She is interested in legal ethics, privacy, and transactional law!
Patrick Chang

Community Outreach Chair: Patrick Chang, 2L (he/him)

Patrick is our wonderful Community Outreach Chair, interested in criminal law, civil litigation, and corporate finance law! When he’s not on campus you can find him hiking, at CrossFit, or enjoying sports.

Community Outreach Chair: Paige Punzalan, 2L (she/her)

Paige is our amazing Community Outreach Chair! Find her at the beach, on a hike, or lifting at the gym! Bonus fact: Paige also collects Smiskis and Sonny Angels!

Public Relations Representative: Juliette Liu, 2L (she/her)

Have you seen our amazing instagram? That’s all Juliette! Juliette is a self starter interested in both environmental and animal law! In her free time you can find her trail running, writing and playing music, and hanging out with her cat Apollo!

2022 - 2023 Board



President: Jennifer Jo, 3L (she/her)

Jennifer is from Southern California and moved to Portland for law school. She has an interest in IP law and plans to pursue her passion of becoming an IP lawyer. She loves going on adventures, trying new food spots, baking, and napping. If you are looking for that boba buddy, Jennifer Jo is your gal!




Vice President: Jennifer Melikian, 2L (she/her)

Jennifer Melikian graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in History and a minor in philosophy. She loves to explore the city, try out new restaurants, go out for drinks, or take herself on a hike.




Secretary: Cole Masuda, 3L (he/him)

Cole is interested in business and transactional law. When he is not in school, you can find him watching basketball, hiking, or exploring the city.




Treasurer: Innie Jang, 2L (she/they)

Innie was born in Seoul, South Korea, grew up on the island of Guam and attended college in Santa Clara, California. In her free time, she likes to sing and play the ukulele, shop, and try different food spots. She also likes to go on walks and admire nature, as well as stay inside and binge her favorite shows.




Director of Public Relations: Wendy Cha, 2L (she/her)

Wendy is a first-generation Korean American and California native. She loves the Oregon coast, exploring the outdoors, dancing with friends, and spending time with her dog and snake. According to her Chinese zodiac, year of the Dog, Wendy is honest and loyal.





Caroline Shen 3L Representative: Caroline Shen (she/her)

Caroline is originally from Seattle and she graduated from the University of Washington in 2019 with a degree in Law, Societies, and Justice. Other than law, her life revolves around food and music. She looks forward to meeting everyone and building new connections this year. Do not hesitate to say hi to her even if you haven’t met her yet!




2L Representative: Sun Kim (she/her)

Sun was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States when she was six years old. She is most interested in family law but is open-minded to whatever opportunities arise. She loves to spend time outdoors, eat good food, watch Korean dramas, practice yoga, and spend time with family and friends.



Emilie Washer

1L Representative: Emilie Washer (she/her)

 Emilie is from a suburb outside of Chicago and she graduated from Purdue University this past spring. Emilie is mainly interested in environmental law, but she is also interested in transactional, real estate, and family law. Some of her hobbies include cooking and baking, hiking, and being a huge foodie! Emilie is looking forward to meeting new people and making new friendships this year!



Brian Aguilar


1L Representative: Brian Aguilar (he/him)

Brian was born and raised in Guam and is interested in environmental law. In his free time, he enjoys watercolor painting, making clothes, and outrigger canoe paddling.




2021 - 2022 Board


President: Kassandra Kometani

She / Her / Hers | Class of 2022 |
Kassie is a 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School. She was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii but has lived in Portland for the past 6 years. Kassie majored in Environmental Studies at Lewis & Clark College and plans to specialize in public interest environmental law. She loves trying new food spots, hiking, working out, and going to the beach.




Vice President: Jennifer Jo

She / Her / Hers | Class of 2023 |
Hello! My name is Jennifer & I’m originally from Southern California. I went to UCR and have an interest in IP and health law. In my free time, I like to hike, eat delicious food (like xlb, ramen, kbbq, etc), travel, and nap. I’m excited to be a part of APALSA and I’m looking forward to my 2L experience.




Treasurer: Kelly Chang

She / Her / Hers | Class of 2022 |
Kelly Chang is a 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School. Grown in the Golden State (CA), Kelly spent lots of her free time playing in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She worked at the Sierra Club as a research analyst and thru-hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail before attending law school. To keep herself sane during law school, you can find her backpacking, climbing, or skiing in the cascade mountains or cuddling her sweet dog Penny. She’s excited to join the APALSA community and create a safe space for students to process their law school experience!




Secretary : Carrie Ng

She / Her / Hers | Class of 2022 |

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Carrie is a 3L at Lewis & Clark Law School. Carrie graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BS in Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning, and is now pursuing sustainability in law. She previously served as a 1L representative and is currently touching-up on her Chinese—if you see her during an event, feel free to quiz her language skills! In her free time, Carrie also enjoys crafting recipes, creating art, shooting arrows, and singing.





She / Her / Hers | Class of 2022 |

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Justine is a 3L, Chinese & Vietnamese LA native that worked at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for a few years before moving up to Portland. She’s a coffee addict, foodie, and dog mom that spends the majority of her down time sleeping. She’s working on hiking at least monthly and has travelled to 10 countries. 




2L Representative: JUSTIN RICHTER

He / Him / His | Class of 2023 |

Justin is a 2L at Lewis & Clark Law School. Growing up, he struggled to make sense of his Asian-American cultural identity but wants to be able to guide throgugh through that personal journey. So, Justin joined APALSA to enrich the Asian and Pacific American community while learning more about his own identity and exposing his son to positive cultural influences. When he is not studying, he is probably parenting with his partner, Ashley. If he is not studying or parenting, then you might catch him doomsday prepping, being a chess enthusiast, or cooking.





2L Representative: Cole Masuda

He / Him / His | Class of 2023 |

Hello everyone! I'm a 2l from Sacramento, California. Growing up in a diverse neighborhood as wel...

Hello everyone! I’m a 2l from Sacramento, California. Growing up in a diverse neighborhood as well living with my immigrants has created a desire to help diverse communities. I’m interested in transactional law. When I’m not in school , you can find me watching basketball, hiking, doing Brazilian jiu-jistu or exploring the city.



1L Representative: Sun Y. Kim

She / Her / Hers | Class of 2024 |

Sun comes to Lewis & Clark Law School from Utah. She was born in South Korea and immigrated to ...

Sun comes to Lewis & Clark Law School from Utah. She was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States when she was six years old. She is interested in international environmental law or family law but is also open minded to whatever opportunities and passions arise. She loves to spend time outdoors, eat good food, watch Korean dramas, practice yoga, and connect with her family and friends.



1L Representative: Jennifer Melikian

She / Her / Hers | Class of 2024 |

Hi! I’m Jennifer and before law school I graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in History and a minor in philosophy. When I’m not in law school I love to explore the city as much as I can - whether that be trying out new restaurants, going for drinks, or taking myself on a hike. Being a part of APALSA is important to me to not only be a part of a community and learn more about myself, but to offer that same space to anyone else who needs it. So excited for the year ahead!



1L Representative: Innie Jang

She / Her / Hers / They / Them | Class of 2024 |
Hi, my name is Innie and I am from the island of Guam. I graduated from Santa Clara University in California with a BS in psychology. I am interested in immigration law and also open to other types of law and am still exploring/deciding. My hobbies include singing, playing instruments, and exploring places. I also like eating any and all types of cuisines. I am excited to be a part of APALSA and looking forward to connecting with everyone :)