Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

APALSA provides its members with personal, academic, and professional support to aid in the development of its law students. We work with attorneys in the Portland area to provide networking and professional development opportunities for APALSA members. We also hold several events throughout the school year to build a sense of community within APALSA and the rest of the student body. 


2023 - 2024 Board

Jennifer Melikian

President: Jennifer Melikian, 3L (she/her)

Jennifer is the proud president of APALSA and is interested in public interest law, she would love to work in Legal Aid in the future! When she isn’t studying you can find her cooking, travelling, or painting!


Vice President of External Affairs: Sun Kim, 3L (she/her)

Talk about a ray of Sun(shine)! Sun’s passion for counseling folks in times of need has led to her interest in family law. Of course she needs some time to relax, so she turns to yoga. To deepen her practice, she became a 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher before coming to law school!

Brian Aguilar

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Brian Aguilar, 2L (he/him)

Brian isn’t too hard to find… just look for the best dressed and friendliest guy on campus! Brian is interested in business law, as well as indigenous rights. If you can’t find him around campus you may be able to find him watercolor painting or outrigger paddling!

Emilie Washer

Secretary: Emilie Washer, 2L (she/her)

Emilie is an ambitious 2L, interested in environmental law. Particularly, she is passionate about conservation and clean and sustainable energy. In her free time she can be found weightlifting, baking, binging movies, or just basking in the great outdoors.


Treasurer: Innie Jang, 3L (she/her)

Our treasured treasurer: Innie Jang! When Innie isn’t managing our budget she can be found by following the tunes from her ukulele. Plus she sings! She is interested in legal ethics, privacy, and transactional law!

Patrick Chang

Community Outreach Chair: Patrick Chang, 2L (he/him)

Patrick is our wonderful Community Outreach Chair, interested in criminal law, civil litigation, and corporate finance law! When he’s not on campus you can find him hiking, at CrossFit, or enjoying sports.


Community Outreach Chair: Paige Punzalan, 2L (she/her)

Paige is our amazing Community Outreach Chair! Find her at the beach, on a hike, or lifting at the gym! Bonus fact: Paige also collects Smiskis and Sonny Angels!


Public Relations Representative: Juliette Liu, 2L (she/her)

Have you seen our amazing instagram? That’s all Juliette! Juliette is a self starter interested in both environmental and animal law! In her free time you can find her trail running, writing and playing music, and hanging out with her cat Apollo!